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Our Story

In 2007, Christopher Moxley, a lifelong athlete of track and field and soccer ruptured his disc between L4 and L5. His doctors told him that surgery was his only option for healing. Yet, with his formal studies in Kinesiology and Nutritional Sciences at California State University Northridge and his practical application of this knowledge through physically training people from all walks of life around the world starting in 1990, he opted to meet Julian Littleford, a renowned, beloved, and fourth generation Pilates Instructor in Del Mar, CA. Julian was trained in Pilates by Alan Herdman who learned directly from Carola Trier who gained her foundation of Pilates from Joseph Pilates himself.

As a direct result of Christopher's education combined with Julian training him in Pilates, specifically breath awareness during movement, postural alignment of the spine, and simultaneous strengthening and lengthening of the musculoskeletal system, he was able to get out of pain in just a few weeks of under 10 Pilates sessions. He continued to study Pilates with Julian for the following year completing over 1300 hours of experience in Pilates and he also participated in Lolita San Miguel’s workshops during this time. Christopher shocked his doctors when they learned that his approximately 80% increase in disc height was completely due to his Pilates training.

What began as the greatest instance of debilitating physical pain in Christopher’s life quickly turned into a wonderful blessing and one that he continues to passionately share with all.

As a United States Marine Veteran, Christopher enjoys seeing the look of surprise on faces when people learn that he is a Pilates Instructor. We warmly invite you to experience a Pilates Session with us and know that it will be unlike any other Pilates training you may have previously experienced.

We give Thanks to God our creator, to Joseph Pilates for Contrology known commonly today as Pilates, and to Julian Littleford for passing on his Pilates teachings.

Our Services

Semi Private Pilates




1 Instructor/4 Clients Max

Private Pilates




1 Instructor/1 Client Max

Good to Know!

*All Pilates Sessions are by Appointment Only

*Payment Due When Service is Scheduled

*24 Hour Cancellation Policy

*Equipment - Reformer Plus Full Line Classical Apparatus

*Water and Towel Provided

*Attire - Long or Short Sleeve Shirt and Pants or Shorts Mid-Thigh Length with Socks Optional

*Duration - 50 minutes

*Arrival - 10 Minutes Prior to Pilates Session


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